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Don’t look at gods, Finished version. I forgot Semele was pregnant during this particular scene, which my friend promptly corrected. Also, I had been avoiding using the Manga Studio tones because my first illustrations for this project didn’t have anything of the sort, and I had agreed with my friend the illustrations would be strictly

Moral of the story: don’t look at gods. From the Greek myths project, Zeus takes another lover (big surprise) in Semele and gets her pregnant with another deceased son of his; she tries to pull the Virgin Mary card, but it doesn’t work for her and everybody at her father’s court considers her a whore,

The Many Forms of Zeus …to get it on with the ladies…. I hope to have captured all his Jovian Doucheness.

Zeus Gathers Allies for the Titanomachy Here’s Zeus, with a Cyclops, and a Hekatonkeiros… an artist’s worst nightmare: draw a dude with 100 arms WITH 100 HANDS!! Part of a friend’s Greek mythology book project.

A friend is writing a small book about Greek myths and asked me to provide illustrations. These are the rough concept drafts for Chapter 1: The Gods.