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Inktober 2018 Day 10

Once again, Rinnley, my human monk in World of Warcraft, with Nerigal, the gnome warrior who tanks with me for our guild group. It’s an inside joke about efficient tank stacking! Day 10 of #inktober (having skipped 7-9)

Inktober 2018 Day 2

My current Horde main in World of Warcraft: Shaytee Brent, undead rogue, doing the happy stabby skeleton dance b/c I started playing her again after 10 years of abandonment (she was my very first WoW character).Day 2 of #inktober

The Eternal MoP Raid Team – lineart The one thing I do hate about drawing game fanart is the sheer intricacy of the gear. I still have to adjust some line weights to give this some coherence (I drew each character on different days), and then… coloring!

Expansion’s End WIP2 I’m loving how Manga Studio 5 has all the settings within easy reach in the interface. Although this neat feature didn’t come into too much place here, I was just using the mechanical pencil tool to do these character sketches. You’ll note there are 11 members for our normally 10-man raid; that’s