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Comic page progress

Nahast, page 345 preview. I haven’t decided where in my social media should I post my page progress. In the meanwhile, I’m posting in ALL OF THEM! <.<

Inking the hydra was a complete bore. Inking the centaurs, on the contrary, has been quite fun. (re: greek myth monsters project)

Sketch – Pandora’s Box Well, seems there’s going to be a THIRD book about greek myths I’ll be illustrating 😀 Most of it will deal with Hercules, but one of the lone chapters is Pandora, so here’s the sketch for that. I’m working on Manga Studio now instead of Photoshop. This is certainly helping me

The Argonauts – WIP I left the details on Jason’s armor for later and I might still fiddle with Medea. Polux’s feet and leg need fixing and Herc neesds more muscle definition. Otherwise it’s just Castor and the Argo and I can go into the less busy illustrations for this chapter. But then, my friend

Celesital Hawk Maiden WIP

Some shading on some of the elements; I’m still figuring out how I want to proceed with the ceremonial armor bits. That’s it for weeked updates. I’ll still try to work on this daily.