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Inktober 2018 Day nth

Greg Stafford, one of the best RPG designers, passed away on Oct 11th. Since then I had some things keeping me busy and away from Inktober, so, I return with this, my character for one of his games: Pendragon. Sir Kayleigh’s family was cursed by the Fae so that any man would die one year


Irakis, Fire Genasi Tank Irakis is… complicated. She’s my current D&D character, currently exploring the Tomb of Annihilation. She’s the party’s tank. She’s a fire genasi Mystic 5 (Immortal)/Fighter 4 (Eldritch Knight), and she’s very, very _very_ hard to hit — Irakis es… complicada. Es mi personaje actual de D&D, actuamente explorando la Tumba de

Nahast redesign

Commander Derrexi Tzelan, head of the Beldatz Garrison of the Hawk Maidens Order This is a redesign of the protagonist in my webcomic; Nahast: Lands of Strife, as she will appear in the next Book/chapter

Nahast: Lands of Strife – Chapter 10 update!

A new page is up! (http://nahast.spiderforest.com) This page took a lot more time than I thought it would; I blame the Celestial Hawk Maidens, as their coloring was more intricate (but after that I figured out an easier way to do it… but it was too late). As I said in the page’s news, it

Atalanta color (finished)

Inktober – Atalanta (color) I’m really, really happy how this turned out. Still have to refine the process to make it faster, and I will use this for my webcomic, which is getting closer and closer to being revived. Again. <.< — Estoy muy, muy satisfecho de cómo me salió esta. Todavía tengo que refinar

More #inktober! This time I wanted to try thin lines with minimum variation, mostly to be improved by color. Lesson learened: need to make more exercises to steady my hand. This is Aletia “The Iron Hyena” Nikolaides, a major NPC in my ongoing D&D homebrew campaign; Eldritch Knight, military commander, and actual mother of one of

Another #inktober entry… I’m going to take the chance to use new and different brushes. And in the spirit of getting back to things, this is Derrexi, the protagonist of my webcomic. I still have trouble with how to hand, but I’m doing these loose and fast. Also slightly different style, a little more cartoony.