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Inktober 2018 Day nth

Greg Stafford, one of the best RPG designers, passed away on Oct 11th. Since then I had some things keeping me busy and away from Inktober, so, I return with this, my character for one of his games: Pendragon. Sir Kayleigh’s family was cursed by the Fae so that any man would die one year

Inktober 2018 Day 6

Jennifer “Slider” Landers poses with Cestus Pax as Team Tomorrow opens their brand new HQ in Addis Ababa. These two are from another role-playing game by Onyx Path Publishing: Trinity Continuum: Aberrant, which I just recently delivered my part for the 2nd edition! 😀 Day 6 of #inktober

Inktober 2018 Day 5

A biokinetic sniper from Psi Order Norça, from the sci-fi role-playing game Trinity Continuum: Æon by Onyx Path Publishing. Although I wrote about the Norça in the new edition of the game a couple of years ago, the Kickstarter came out this year, so it counts as 2018, right? Day 5 of #inktober

Inktober 2018 Day 4

This is a scene (off-“camera”) from “A Harvest of Masks”, an adventure I wrote for the Blue Rose role-playing game from Green Ronin Publishing, published in the book Six of Swords (https://greenroninstore.com/products/blue-rose-six-of-swords). Technically this is from 2017, but I felt like doing this. Day 4 of #inktober

Tonight on Secret Project

I have just self-censored for the first time in my RPG writing career. Deleted the whole thing and changed all the graphic descriptions in a semi-complex system for conflict resolution for a much simpler, abstarcted one. Also added a sidebar with the trigger warning option. And yes, I’m teasing. I cannot brag about the project

Small peek at the Martial Artist class

As part of my insane plans for my webcomic, Nahast, I’ve been developing it also as a role-playing game setting, originally for the d20 system used by D&D 3.x Ed, but I’ve been slowly and painfully adapting material to Pathfinder. So here’s a little peek of one of the options available for the martial artist

And now, for something completely different…. This is obviously not for my friend’s Greek mythology book. Rahter, it’s for another project that I’m actually writing, not illustrating, butI wanted to make a pic of this thing so I could better explain it to the Art Director (and maybe a little nudge about lettimg me illustrate