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Nahast redesigns.

Two updated looks for two of the characters in my webcomic. This instead of an actual page update because busytimes are busy…

Nahast: Lands of Strife – Chapter 10 update!

It actually updated yesterday, but I put the finishing touches and final shading and rendering today, so, enjoy a warmage girl being her team’s MVP, a bunch of parents being proud, and said warmage girl outwitting an ancient evil sorcerer. Read the comic here!

Nahast: Lands of Strife – Chapter 10 updated

Well, it updated yesterday, but it was the still-readable unshaded version… this time it’s up as it should be! Jakitza’s thesis when she graduates from the Citadel’s College of Wizardry will be entitled “How To Thwart an Ancient Sorcerer With Cantrips and 1st-Level Spells”. So far she hasn’t used anything not available to D&D/PF low

Nahast redesigns

Another redesign for my webcomic’s characters, and now it’s turn for Xu’re, the shaman. He’s trading the travel clothes from his home nation for something more local, which includes cleaning up a bit since he’ll be an official teacher for the Hawk Maidens. However, he still has some of his people’s imagery in his robe

Nahast: Lands of Strife – Chapter 10 update

Outsmarted by a couple of teenagers! Xisve’ki may be an ancient, powerful sorcerer but he definitely has not played enough strategy games to know when his units are being a) goaded, b) outflanked, c) crowd-controlled, d) all of the above. Read the comic here!

Nahast: Lands of Strife – Chapter 10 update!

The final round of the match has started, and both sides are playing for keeps. Jakitza stops thinking like a chess player and is now playing different tactics at once. Are the Hawk Maidens up to the challenge? Because the Black Blade mercs, now under Xisve’ki’s direct cotnrol, will not pull any punches! I have

International Women’s Day

I didn’t have time to prepare something special for International Women’s Day, but this page from my webcomic sums up my feelings. Stay strong, ladies, don’t give up; you have allies. Read the page in the original site here; visit the webcomic here.

Nahast: Lands of Strife – Chapter 10 update!

The girls know the truth, but they are ready to take on their shadow-driven opponents! The last couple of weeks have been weird. I can’t say I was overwhelmed by anything bigs, but rather a continuous sequence of light things that ended up draining me. This week will be the last push for one of

Nahast redesign

Commander Derrexi Tzelan, head of the Beldatz Garrison of the Hawk Maidens Order This is a redesign of the protagonist in my webcomic; Nahast: Lands of Strife, as she will appear in the next Book/chapter