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Art gig sketches After many months, my friend is up to the third volume of his Greek mythology books, this time… Monsters and the monstrous. I have to do 30 of these, but I’ll first finish up with all the sketches for my friend to approve before I set down any digital ink and put

So, if the Argonauts were the first superhero crossover team, their story also gave us the first giant robot: Talos! An automaton created by a) Daedalus b) Hephaestus (myths are sketchy) to protect Europa in Crete. And then just Crete, I guess. So let’s just go with Peloponese Rim.

The sketches for the rest of the Argonauts illustrations: * Jason’s trial: or Extreme Pyroferrotaurical Farming. * Jason and Medea Get the Golden Fleece: or The Advantages of Bringing a 16th-Level Wizard to Your 10th-Level Campaign. * Talos, the Cretan Automaton: or Peloponese Rim = Talos Havoc!

The Argonauts (Final!) All done and inked. I do kind of want to do more Atalanta; I liked how her design turned out.

The Argonauts – WIP I left the details on Jason’s armor for later and I might still fiddle with Medea. Polux’s feet and leg need fixing and Herc neesds more muscle definition. Otherwise it’s just Castor and the Argo and I can go into the less busy illustrations for this chapter. But then, my friend

Sketch for the main illustration for the Argonauts chapter of my firend’s book. If the composition seems familiar… it’s entirely on purpose 😀

Hades and Persephone …or “I did it on purpose, so don’t tell me who I can and cannot marry, mother…” I adhere to the versions where Persephone is not olnly complicit with the “blunder” of eating the pomegranate pips, but that it was actually her idea; and Hades is not sure because he doesn’t want

Zeus Gathers Allies for the Titanomachy Here’s Zeus, with a Cyclops, and a Hekatonkeiros… an artist’s worst nightmare: draw a dude with 100 arms WITH 100 HANDS!! Part of a friend’s Greek mythology book project.

Artemis and Apollo for my friend’s book project. I think I want to color them later to upload in my dA account.

A friend is writing a small book about Greek myths and asked me to provide illustrations. These are the rough concept drafts for Chapter 1: The Gods.