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Inking the hydra was a complete bore. Inking the centaurs, on the contrary, has been quite fun. (re: greek myth monsters project)

Nahast page 343 preview! At the pencils stage (I sketch in blue, pencil in red, makes inking easier). I usually left the dialogue balloons for last, but a book on making comics digitally and the ease on how I can do them in Manga Studio convinced me to do them BEFORE pencilling, which is actually

Nahast page 341 preview Storyboarded, sketched, paneled and inked in Manga Studio. I want to have this program’s babies 😀

Nahast Page Preview This is what it’s looking like finally working in Manga Studio to do my webcomic and not stand-alone illustrations. The figuring out process has been spotty, yet fun. The blue lines are the thumbnail/storyboard version, while the reds are the pencilling.

Flexing with Manga Studio  I’m finally getting a little more serious with getting the hang of Manga Studio. The pencil sketch was actually one I did in Photoshop last month, but I imported it into MS and used its inking tools… which… are… incredible. I have to let loose a little more and find the