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Greek Tragedies Art

I’ve been silent on my own art due to lots of reasons, one of which was the latest (and quite probably last) set of illustration for a friend’s books, these ones being about Greek tragedies/myths… or tragic myths. 1. Danae (Perseus’ mom) gets put in a coffin and sent to sea, ‘cos daddy was a bit

Aeneas Goes To Hell I’m on a roll! (actually, I’m on holiday…) Anyway, it’s not Hell, but Hades, because ancient Greeks didn’t have Google Maps, so they had to ask the dead for directions. Here’s Aeneas, last survivor of the royal house of Troy, led by a sybil into the chtonic depths, so he can

The Cycle of Troy These are the sketches for the longest chapter in my friend’s book(s) on Greek Mythology: Everything you wanted to know about Troy, from how every damn hero was born to how every survior fared later. More or less. From top and left to bottom and right: 1. The Apple of Discord:

Hades and Persephone …or “I did it on purpose, so don’t tell me who I can and cannot marry, mother…” I adhere to the versions where Persephone is not olnly complicit with the “blunder” of eating the pomegranate pips, but that it was actually her idea; and Hades is not sure because he doesn’t want

A friend is writing a small book about Greek myths and asked me to provide illustrations. These are the rough concept drafts for Chapter 1: The Gods.