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Inktober 2018 Day 10

Once again, Rinnley, my human monk in World of Warcraft, with Nerigal, the gnome warrior who tanks with me for our guild group. It’s an inside joke about efficient tank stacking! Day 10 of #inktober (having skipped 7-9)

Inktober 2018 Day 3

And this is my Alliance main, Rinnley, human monk; she doesn’t dance; she just kinda sways trying not to fall on her face dead drunk, for she’s a Brewmaster, the drunken kung fu tank (now successfully tanking N-Uldir 4/7). Day 3 of #inktober

Inktober 2018 Day 2

My current Horde main in World of Warcraft: Shaytee Brent, undead rogue, doing the happy stabby skeleton dance b/c I started playing her again after 10 years of abandonment (she was my very first WoW character).Day 2 of #inktober

I’m keeping up with #inktober ! Now I went to what I’m more used to, but trying to mix and match brush tools in a more aware fashion. Continuing with yesterday’s D&D theme, this is another NPC that might or might not become important to the plot, depending on what the players do. This is

My computer is definitely dead, but I figured out that I could still install Manga Studio and my Wacom tablet drivers on my humble work laptop. This is a friend’s character for a D&D game, a tiefling sorcerer conwoman who joined the party claiiming to be a wizard sage.

Wildstar Fanart Here’s the finished piece… which I pushed myself a bit to finish fast… so I guess it counts a little like a speed paint?

Wildstar WIP! Stress mounting as many stuff converges on my… so I decided to blow off a little steam and doodle something just for fun. So this will be my main in Wildstar, a female draken spellslinger. I originally wanted to name her Scylla, but it was taken. I’ll try to get it thanks to