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Greek Mythology Monsters Project, Dump 1.Finally! They are done! I’ll dump these beasties in daily batches, to make up the long period without posting anything 🙂 1. Atlas 2. The Moirae (Fates)3. Hecate 4. The Erinyes (Furies) and a harpy — ¡Al fin! ¡Terminados! Voy a publicar a estas bestezuelas en lotes diarios, para compensar

Orestes Goes Loco Apparently, the Greeks believed killing your own family was the kind of Bad that had its own mythological figures. Enter the Erinyes, aka the Furies, tasked with driving kinslayers mad. This time it’s Orestes’ turn, as the fallout of the Troy fiasco had him killing his own mother because she killed his

The Cycle of Troy These are the sketches for the longest chapter in my friend’s book(s) on Greek Mythology: Everything you wanted to know about Troy, from how every damn hero was born to how every survior fared later. More or less. From top and left to bottom and right: 1. The Apple of Discord: