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Joining #Inktober because it’s about damn time I devoted some time to just doodle. This is Zylla, my abandoned and maybe retaken Wildstar character, a Draken spellslinger.——Uniéndome a #Inktober porque ya era la maldita hora que le dedicara tiempo tan solo a garabatear. Esta es Zylla, mi personaje de Wildstar abandonada, tal vez pronto recuperada,

My amazing Spellslinger lizard girl and a guildie doing a Shiphand mission as part of an RP storyline.

Wildstar – WIP 2 ANd here’s my awesome Draken lady all inked and colored. That was the easy part. Next comes shading. Shading is tricksy. Oh, and special effects too!

Wildstar WIP – Doing this to get out of an art rut/hiatus. What my Draken Spellslinger Zylla (Evindra server) looks like (the guns are made up; I don’t like her current guns 🙂 ).

Wildstar Fanart Here’s the finished piece… which I pushed myself a bit to finish fast… so I guess it counts a little like a speed paint?

Wildstar WIP! Stress mounting as many stuff converges on my… so I decided to blow off a little steam and doodle something just for fun. So this will be my main in Wildstar, a female draken spellslinger. I originally wanted to name her Scylla, but it was taken. I’ll try to get it thanks to

This is my stylish, low-level-but-still-ass-kicking beta Draken Spellsinger for Wildstar. I’ll definitely be remaking her when the game launches 😀 (Scylla was taken… let’s see if I can jump on the name on launch…) Posting now since NDA is lifted 🙂