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Greek Mythology Monsters, Dump 7 Last pics for my friend’s book on creatures from Greek mythology! 1. Dragon 2. Unicorn3. Belerophon vs. Chimera 4. Belerophon ruined — Últimas ilustraciones para el libro de mi amigo sobre criaturas de la mitología griega 1. Dragón 2. Unicornio3. Belerofonte vs. Quimera 4. Belerofonte arruinado

Mythmonsters! This is the last batch of sketches about Greek myth beasties. The dragon and the unicorn are there as requested by the book’s author, although he didn’t have the text ready so I could see what justification he had for adding them. However, the guidelines for the unicorn was to make it more like

Look, Jason, you jerkwad. This woman betrayed her father for you, she left her homeland for you, some say she killed her brother for you. She can pwn dragons and giant robots, and has more brainpower than the entire crew of the Argo combined (you included)… and you dump her for a widdly liddle princess?

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