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Inktober 2018 Day 1

Irakis Learns Magic My current D&D character, Irakis, Fire Genasi Mystic (Immortal)/Fighter (Eldritch Knight)/Wizard (Spellsinger), on the day she gained her first spellcasting level, shortly after the party arrived at Omu, before entering the Tomb of Annihilation. Day 1 of #inktober; let’s see how long I can keep it up.


Irakis, Fire Genasi Tank Irakis is… complicated. She’s my current D&D character, currently exploring the Tomb of Annihilation. She’s the party’s tank. She’s a fire genasi Mystic 5 (Immortal)/Fighter 4 (Eldritch Knight), and she’s very, very _very_ hard to hit — Irakis es… complicada. Es mi personaje actual de D&D, actuamente explorando la Tumba de

As requested by one of my players, tonight’s #inktober is a setting for the adventure, the yet unnamed fortress at Mount Dusk, located in the middle of a wasteland created by the last breath attack of a god-dragon against the dude whose titanic armor lies smashed against the dirt packed into stone by the impact.

More #inktober and more from my D&D campaign. This is Torosk van’Numa, dragonborn archaeologist, diviner wizard, and Third Ring member of the Synod Arcana from the kingdom of Raal’vodrak. He’s helping the PCs figure out the clues they’ve been finding in ruins of the Old Dragon Empire. — Más para #inktober y más de mi

I’m keeping up with #inktober ! Now I went to what I’m more used to, but trying to mix and match brush tools in a more aware fashion. Continuing with yesterday’s D&D theme, this is another NPC that might or might not become important to the plot, depending on what the players do. This is

More #inktober! This time I wanted to try thin lines with minimum variation, mostly to be improved by color. Lesson learened: need to make more exercises to steady my hand. This is Aletia “The Iron Hyena” Nikolaides, a major NPC in my ongoing D&D homebrew campaign; Eldritch Knight, military commander, and actual mother of one of

My computer is definitely dead, but I figured out that I could still install Manga Studio and my Wacom tablet drivers on my humble work laptop. This is a friend’s character for a D&D game, a tiefling sorcerer conwoman who joined the party claiiming to be a wizard sage.

Dungeons & Dragons – Sabril Done during my exile from the net. Sabril, a human avenger (as per D&D 4E), which I will play as a friend adapts the world of Malazan Books of the Fallen. Hailing from the Seven Cities, she has access to Hood’s Warren.