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Greek Mythology Monsters, Dump 3 More pics for my friend’s book on creatures from Greek mythology! 1. Orthrus and Cerberus 2. Hydra3. Sphinx 4. Assorted giants (includes Orion and Cacus) — Más ilustraciones para el libro de mi amigo sobre criaturas de la mitología griega 1. Ortro y Cerbero 2. Hidra3. Esfinge 4. Varios gigantes

More Greek Monsters I’ve been busy with other things, but these are the approved sketches for more monsters!

Herakles sketch dump! The final chapter of my friend’s Greek Myths project features one of the most famous heroes of Greek mythology; Herakles, aka Hercules, who began his awesomeness by strangling two ninja snakes. Like many Greek heroes, his fails are Epic in scale, but unlike many other heroes, he always, always sought to atone