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Greek Mythology Monsters, Dump 4 More pics for my friend’s book on creatures from Greek mythology! 1. Cyclops 2. Centaurs3. Satyrs 4. Minotaur — Más ilustraciones para el libro de mi amigo sobre criaturas de la mitología griega 1. Cíclope  2. Centauros3. Sátiros 4. Minotauro

Greek Myths – Centaurs One of 30 pics still in progress for a friend’s book on Greek mythology. I should probably shorten that arrow a bit.

Inking the hydra was a complete bore. Inking the centaurs, on the contrary, has been quite fun. (re: greek myth monsters project)

More Greek Monsters I’ve been busy with other things, but these are the approved sketches for more monsters!