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So Dark Horse Comics held a fanart contest for Avatar (Aang/Korra), challenging contestants to draw themselves as benders. Since I wanted to do a new self-portrait, and I love Aang/Korra… well, what the hell 😀 / Dark Horse Comics organizó un concurso para La Leyenda de Aang/Korra, retando a los concursantes a dibujarse como maestros de

The Taming of the Korra

So I’ve been seeing this complaint around, stating of how Korra “was tamed” or “lost her fire” by the end of the series. And again, I have to ask… did we watch the same series? The only thing that Korra lost through her ordeals was her brattyness. She matured, she grew up, but that passion that made

In defense of the Korra finale *spoilers*

So, I’ve been reading all sorts of comments of how awful the finale is, and how a lot of things were left unresolved. I’m sorry, guys and gals but… did we watch the same series? All character arcs were resolved, it’s just that they were not all resolved in the same episode. Some were even

Doing the Thing *KORRA SPOILERS*

Well, I’m staying up late working, but the Korra finale was a must see and a good break from work. SPOILERS AHEAD While the whole idea of the platinum-plated colossus is still a bit iffy with me, the finale milked it for all it’s worth, and the fight went very well. Superb fight and bending