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Atalanta color (finished)

Inktober – Atalanta (color) I’m really, really happy how this turned out. Still have to refine the process to make it faster, and I will use this for my webcomic, which is getting closer and closer to being revived. Again. <.< — Estoy muy, muy satisfecho de cómo me salió esta. Todavía tengo que refinar


Atalanta For tonight’s #inktober pic, I went back to an old one: the first pic I did for a friend’s series of books about Greek myths. The original pic had all the Argonauts, and since then I kind of liked how Atalanta’s design turned out. Well, it is finally due, and lo’ and behold! Atalanta

The Argonauts (Final!) All done and inked. I do kind of want to do more Atalanta; I liked how her design turned out.

The Argonauts – WIP I left the details on Jason’s armor for later and I might still fiddle with Medea. Polux’s feet and leg need fixing and Herc neesds more muscle definition. Otherwise it’s just Castor and the Argo and I can go into the less busy illustrations for this chapter. But then, my friend

Sketch for the main illustration for the Argonauts chapter of my firend’s book. If the composition seems familiar… it’s entirely on purpose 😀