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Troy – Iphigenia’s Sacrifice So, King Agamemnon made a gaffe by proclaiming he was a better shot than Artemis when he and his buddies were on a hunting party to lift their mood before sailing off to fight a war. Or maybe he killed a pregnant hare. In any case, that pissed Artemis pretty much,

The Cycle of Troy These are the sketches for the longest chapter in my friend’s book(s) on Greek Mythology: Everything you wanted to know about Troy, from how every damn hero was born to how every survior fared later. More or less. From top and left to bottom and right: 1. The Apple of Discord:

Artemis and Apollo for my friend’s book project. I think I want to color them later to upload in my dA account.

A friend is writing a small book about Greek myths and asked me to provide illustrations. These are the rough concept drafts for Chapter 1: The Gods.