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Atalanta For tonight’s #inktober pic, I went back to an old one: the first pic I did for a friend’s series of books about Greek myths. The original pic had all the Argonauts, and since then I kind of liked how Atalanta’s design turned out. Well, it is finally due, and lo’ and behold! Atalanta

The Argonauts WIP Decided to color this one among the greek myth pics, so here’s the base colors.

Look, Jason, you jerkwad. This woman betrayed her father for you, she left her homeland for you, some say she killed her brother for you. She can pwn dragons and giant robots, and has more brainpower than the entire crew of the Argo combined (you included)… and you dump her for a widdly liddle princess?

So, here’s Jason. He’s already at Colches, where the Golden Fleece is. But the king puts a test for him to get his permission to take the Fleece. He must plow a field with two fire-breathing bulls with iron hooves, plant dragon teeth and, unbeknownst to him, get killed by the warriors that grow from

So, if the Argonauts were the first superhero crossover team, their story also gave us the first giant robot: Talos! An automaton created by a) Daedalus b) Hephaestus (myths are sketchy) to protect Europa in Crete. And then just Crete, I guess. So let’s just go with Peloponese Rim.

The sketches for the rest of the Argonauts illustrations: * Jason’s trial: or Extreme Pyroferrotaurical Farming. * Jason and Medea Get the Golden Fleece: or The Advantages of Bringing a 16th-Level Wizard to Your 10th-Level Campaign. * Talos, the Cretan Automaton: or Peloponese Rim = Talos Havoc!

The Argonauts (Final!) All done and inked. I do kind of want to do more Atalanta; I liked how her design turned out.