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Rant about fanfiction writing

thelightningstreak: greenappleeyes: I was just informed by my brother (who thinks he’s a better writer than anyone else because he has some fancy degree in writing) that fanfiction “doesn’t count” as “real writing” because you aren’t using your own “ideas.” He doesn’t know that I write fanfiction. He probably wouldn’t have admitted his opinion if

Resources For Writing Sketchy Topics

wordsnstuff: Medicine A Study In Physical Injury Comas Medical Facts And Tips For Your Writing Needs Broken Bones Burns Unconsciousness & Head Trauma Blood Loss Stab Wounds Pain & Shock All About Mechanical Injuries (Injuries Caused By Violence) Writing Specific Characters Portraying a kleptomaniac. Playing a character with cancer. How to portray a power driven

Myths, Creatures, and Folklore

thewritingcafe: thewritingcafe: Want to create a religion for your fictional world? Here are some references and resources! General: General Folklore Various Folktales Heroes Weather Folklore Trees in Mythology Animals in Mythology Birds in Mythology Flowers in Mythology Fruit in Mythology Plants in Mythology Folktales from Around the World Africa: Egyptian Mythology African Mythology More African

Slang Resources

legit-writing-tips: Since I had an earlier ask about slang, I thought I’d pull together a few resources: Historical Dictionary of American Slang – allows you to search by year Slang Terms for Sex (And Related F*ckery) – Bow chicka wah wah Medieval Slang Terms and Terminology – PDF File (Use these sparingly) Shakespearean Slang and

Writing the Other: intensely practical advice for representing other cultures in fiction

mostlysignssomeportents: For more than a decade, science fiction and fantasy writers have handed around Nisi Shawl and Cynthia Ward’s Writing the Other, an intensely practical and thoughtful guide to inclusive, representative writing that includes people of genders, ethnicities, races, and orientations other than the writer’s. Shawl and Ward’s impetus came during their tenure at the Clarion

How to put on Hanfu (Han Chinese clothing)?

shalihalfa: A typical set of Hanfu can consist of two or three layers. The first layer of clothing is mostly the zhongyi (中衣) which is typically the inner garment much like a Western T-shirt and pants. The next layer is the main layer of clothing which is mostly closed at the front. There can be