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Irakis, Fire Genasi Tank Irakis is… complicated. She’s my current D&D character, currently exploring the Tomb of Annihilation. She’s the party’s tank. She’s a fire genasi Mystic 5 (Immortal)/Fighter 4 (Eldritch Knight), and she’s very, very _very_ hard to hit — Irakis es… complicada. Es mi personaje actual de D&D, actuamente explorando la Tumba de


girlwiththegreenhat: Do you design a lot of characters living in not-modern eras and you’re tired of combing through google for the perfect outfit references? Well I got good news for you kiddo, this website has you covered! Originally @modmad made a post about it, but her link stopped working and I managed to fix it,


eymbeeart: enecola: If you’re like me, then you guys love shading your sketches or lineart. Like this: But if you erase a bit and shade more with black on low opacity it’ll look all wonky so you use the color picker. Or hell you scan or take a photo of a drawing you made on

RIP Carrie Fisher

She drowned in moonlight, strangled by her own bra. RIP Carrie Fisher, my first original love for a badass girl.

Greek Tragedies Art

I’ve been silent on my own art due to lots of reasons, one of which was the latest (and quite probably last) set of illustration for a friend’s books, these ones being about Greek tragedies/myths… or tragic myths. 1. Danae (Perseus’ mom) gets put in a coffin and sent to sea, ‘cos daddy was a bit

How to put on Hanfu (Han Chinese clothing)?

shalihalfa: A typical set of Hanfu can consist of two or three layers. The first layer of clothing is mostly the zhongyi (中衣) which is typically the inner garment much like a Western T-shirt and pants. The next layer is the main layer of clothing which is mostly closed at the front. There can be

Nahast redesigns.

Two updated looks for two of the characters in my webcomic. This instead of an actual page update because busytimes are busy…

Nahast: Lands of Strife – Chapter 10 update!

It actually updated yesterday, but I put the finishing touches and final shading and rendering today, so, enjoy a warmage girl being her team’s MVP, a bunch of parents being proud, and said warmage girl outwitting an ancient evil sorcerer. Read the comic here!

Fanart for Out of My Element

Valerie Depaix, one of the elementals on the webcomic Out of my Element. I just had the urge to draw her 🙂 This is a WIP; I’ll do some shades another day 🙂

Nahast: Lands of Strife – Chapter 10 updated

Well, it updated yesterday, but it was the still-readable unshaded version… this time it’s up as it should be! Jakitza’s thesis when she graduates from the Citadel’s College of Wizardry will be entitled “How To Thwart an Ancient Sorcerer With Cantrips and 1st-Level Spells”. So far she hasn’t used anything not available to D&D/PF low