Inktober 2018 Day nth

Greg Stafford, one of the best RPG designers, passed away on Oct 11th.
Since then I had some things keeping me busy and away from Inktober, so,
I return with this, my character for one of his games: Pendragon. Sir
Kayleigh’s family was cursed by the Fae so that any man would die one
year and a day after being knighted. To keep their lands and titles,
Kayleigh, the eldest daughter, was trained and joined the court of Uther
Pendragon. She married a landless noble from a lesser family to avoid
any challenge to her titles, and when last I played her, she had two
daughters and a son, and the windfall from the ransom of a Saxon warlord
allowed her to build her small fiefdom into a haven for “problematic”
girls, whom she trained as her shieldmaidens-in-waiting. Oh, and she
helped retrieve Excalibur

Day (whatever) of #inktober

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